As a general rule, we take cases on a contingency (no-win, no-fee) basis. As attorneys we are governed by the Contingency Fees Act 66 of 1997, which states that we are entitled to charge double our hourly rate to a maximum of 25% (twenty five percent), of the capital award secured by us on your behalf.

As a first step, we will grant you a free, no cost, initial consultation in which we will discuss your case, take all relevant documents from you, answer any questions that you might have and thereafter  assess the  merits of your matter.

In the event that we advise you that your case has no prospects of success, we will not charge you any fees for the time that we would have spent on your matter up to that point. However, should you still want us to proceed with the case notwithstanding the absence prospect for success, we can do so on a normal hourly fee basis.

Should we agree to proceed with your case, we will require you to sign a Contingency Fee Agreement and Special Power of Attorney, in order to become a client of the practice. We will then finance the investigation and preparation of your case, which will entail obtaining all treatment records and accounts, securing and briefing relevant medical experts and advocates, the costs of which will be deducted from the capital amount awarded to you (plus interest on amounts disbursed) on successful conclusion of the matter, together with the Contingency Fee mentioned above.
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